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Jazz pianist, bandleader, and educator brings his wealth of musical experience to Orsara from 29 of July to the 3rd of August. The music workshop will provide participants of all ages and skill levels with intensive training in jazz harmony, theory, and improvisation, and will also give students an opportunity to form bands and perform in a dynamic and fun environment.
Antonio Ciacca and his bandmates will keep the day moving briskly through a variety of small group discussions, one-on-one practice sessions, and master class activities to ensure that participants receive top-notch support throughout the day. Here is the line up:

“I have always been so grateful for my own musical mentors in jazz,” notes Ciacca. “And it is an honor to continue this great jazz tradition in Orsara.”

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JULY concerts In July Antonio Ciacca will introduce his latest album: "JUST ....IN TIME". "Just In Time..." is the seventh release by jazz pianist/composer Antonio Ciacca. He leads a world-class quintet and introduces guest vocalist Justin Echols. Ciacca takes us on a journey through the American Songbook and includes two original compositions. Featuring a vocalist for the first time in his discography, Ciacca highlights the masterpieces immortalized by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. "Just in Time".....è il settimo cd del pianista Antonio Ciacca come leader. Per la prima volta il jazzista italo americano ha un cantante come ospite. Justin Echols è al suo debutto discografico a fianco alla crema del Jazz newyorkese tra giovani fenomeni come Peter Van Nostrand , grandi figli d'arte come Joe Cohn e perfetti Jazzmen newyorkesi come Andy Farber e Paul Gill. Il repertorio dell' American Song book con l'aggiunta di un brano originale scritto da Ciacca per la compianta Daniela'D'Ercole con le parole scritte da Justin Echols. Il concerto sarà un viaggio attraverso la canzone d'autore americana che ha fatto grande il jazz tramite gli interpreti immortali quli Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra e Harry Connick Junior. JULY 21 TOLFA- ITALY Tolfa in Jazz ANTONIO CIACCA QUINTET "JUST...IN TIME" introducing Justin Echols Featuring: Antonio Ciacca (piano), Andy Farber (saxes), Justin Echols (vocals), Giuseppe Talone (bass), Elio Coppola (drums). JULY 22, 23, 24 LONDON - Pizza Express ANTONIO CIACCA QUINTET "JUST...IN TIME" introducing Justin Echols Featuring: Antonio Ciacca (piano), Andy Farber (saxes), Justin Echols (vocals), Dave Chamberlain (bass), Matt Home (drums).
The Antonio Ciacca Quintet makes its only London appearance on July 22-24 for two shows nightly at Pizza Express. Ciacca will showcase his recent release "Just...In Time," which is enjoying worldwide attention on Voice of America radio, SiriusXM, and the world's top jazz station, WBGO. The original compositions feature Ciacca on piano, saxophonist Andy Farber, and vocalist Justin Echols.